Lazy PR

Lazy PR

This is a video broadcast from CBC that highlights Coca-Cola’s misjudgment with their national marketing campaign that pairs a random English word with a random French word. “You Retard” is what showed up in the cap of and Edmonton family’s Vitamin Water bottle cap, which caused some upset as the family has a daughter with Cerebral Palsy, and they consider the “R” word a swear word. Coke apologized to the family in a public statement and committed to destroying any of the caps that they still had…

In my opinion, I think this was a lazy attempt on Coke’s behalf. As arguably the largest soft drink company in the world, I would hope that they would have the means to give the family compensation on top of an apology (Vitamin Water for a year or something Coke!). I understand that from a PR standpoint, they might not have thought of any other avenue other than to explain the mishap – though I do believe that this was a major oversight on Coke’s behalf as incidents such as these should most definitely be looked at and taken into consideration when forming a marketing campaign such as this. 


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