In my Advanced Communications class, we talked about persuasion strategies and the many different ways there are to appeal to your audience. I had to ask myself: do I respond to more rational appeals, or more emotional appeals?
Obviously I started thinking, “Yeah, I’m rational, I’m level headed, and I know how to maneuver around your tricks media!!” But come on…OF COURSE I’m crying when the hurt puppy comes on TV and I just want to save it and go adopt 5 dogs right away…
So that got me thinking that maybe I’m more of an emotional being than I had originally thought…Of course we all respond to different medias depending on our situation or surrounding, or even what mood we’re in, but I think it’s worth thinking about so that we are aware of how the media actually effects our daily lives. It’s everywhere, there’s no escaping, so it’s worth it to be mindful of our perceptions.

Sometimes, I respond to just plain funny. I found this link today from and found myself laughing out loud and wanting to share it with everyone I knew…I hope this is still funny tomorrow…ENJOY!,34026/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=Default%3AWeek1%3ADefault#1


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