Simplicity is the Message

We looked at presentation design in communications class last night, and I feel like I learned a thing or two.
I wouldn’t call myself a particularly creative person – my eye is drawn to simple lines and white space. Black and white really catches my eye. I used to think that creativity meant you had to include different elements and interesting colors in documents and presentations, so I was happy to learn that simple and clean really can be creative – especially in a corporate setting.

We talked about Telus, and how well the company has done using simple imagery and A LOT of white space. Their ads are always recognizable with the cute and fuzzy animals, but it’s more than that that makes them stand out – Telus brings their message down to the bare essentials and leaves the viewer completely clear on what it is they’re selling by just giving them what they need. Now, obviously Telus isn’t selling animals…but you get the point.


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