Come Fly With Me

I woke up this morning with a strong urge to sit down and blog. I know that I should be blogging way more often than I am and I’m becoming acutely aware of just how difficult blogging is for me…It’s difficult for me to sit down and say “wow, people are really going to care about this mediocre thing that I have to say”. Call me crazy.
So I’m sitting here, thinking that I really want (and need) to be blogging on a regular basis, so I’m going to try out one of the “Daily Prompts” that WordPress so kindly offers 🙂 I’m going to test drive Come Fly With Me and write a little bit about the first time I was away from home. For longer than a weekend anyway.

I was 19 and I had just finished a summer job housekeeping and had made the most money I had ever made at a job before (I remember calling my mom to tell her how excited I was to make over $1,000 on my paycheque – keep in mind that my mom is the one who got me the job and worked at the very same resort). I wanted to do something big with the money that I had saved and I had always always wanted to travel. So I decided I was going to Europe! I flew into London and cried like a baby when my dad dropped me off at the airport…I somehow found my way from Heathrow to the tube to my hostel and then settled in. I remember feeling surprisingly comfortable and proud of little baby me. I had 2 days to explore on my own before I met up with the rest of my Topdeck tour group to head out on our 19 city tour! I met some amazing people (and some not so amazing people), went to a punk show in Berlin, took the Sound of Music tour in Austria, visited with some long lost relatives in Essex, and even got robbed in Dublin. It was a whirlwind of a trip and I wouldn’t change a second of it.

I wouldn’t say I came home a woman or changed in any way, but I did find out that I am capable of more than I might have thought. I was very nonchalant about the whole planning of the trip and though I wanted to make a detailed itinerary, I never really got around to it – thank god! This was a lesson for me to just go for it. I had never been out of the country without my parents before and I have to say, this was an awesome experience I recommend anyone who is thinking about travelling to do it young, do it alone (at least part of it), and do it the way you want to. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing YOU did it. I traveled back to Europe a couple of years later to study abroad in Poland. I was able to travel back to some of my favorite cities as well as to discover new, exciting places…My travel bug has since calmed down, though I definitely see myself exploring more.

Moral of the story: Go! Explore! The world has way too much to offer for us not to enjoy as much as we can in our short time here. “Just Go”.


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