Lululemon – Not for Every Body?

I was surprised to hear about the controversy that Lululemon has found themselves in recently due to some comments made by the company’s CEO and founder Chip Wilson. Wilson made a comment during an interview that their pants just “don’t work” on all body types. This caused some major backlash online people began to question the integrity of the company – leading to suggestions of a company “boycott”. The company has come under fire before for allegedly not making clothing above a size 12, and even then, hiding those sizes in back rooms or crumpled up and out of sight.
In reading this story, I immediately thought “how is Lululemon ever going to come back from this?” I was convinced that they would need to have some real magicians in their PR department to fix this…As a Lululemon wearer myself, they have a big reputation for they way that their pants make a lady’s derriere look…And I have friends of various sizes who would agree.
It appears though, that Chip Wilson has decided to do nothing but stand by his comments. There is a mix of comments online for those who support and agree with Chip with comments from people such as “I don’t want to see a fat man in a speedo. It works both ways” by Kaylicae. For as much backlash as Chip and Lululemon has received for the comments made, it appears that there is just as much support for the brand and it looks like customer loyalty does remain. Lululemon has positioned themselves successfully as an athletic apparel brand for the fit and trendy woman (and man) and they seem to be sticking by that identity, even if it does bring some controversy with it.
I have to say, I respect that about the brand. They are staying true to who they are and I honestly think that the company will be able to bounce back and retain their position. Boycotts and all.


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