Yet another way us Canadians differ from our southern neighbours – Black Friday. The US born holiday (after their Thanksgiving) has slowly made its way across the border in the last few years but it doesn’t seem to have caught on to the same extent. At least not in Victoria anyway. 
This year was my first Black Friday attempt and my shopping buddy and I expected the worst. With the stores at Uptown opening at 9am, we decided to get there for 8 so we could enjoy a coffee in what we expected to be an inevitable lineup – The Times Colonist wrote that Uptown Officials expected lineups to to begin at 5am….Boy were we wrong. Not only were there no lineups at any of the stores, I could practically hear people still snoring in their warm beds. The news stories I had seen on TV of fights breaking out in Walmart and store employees holding back mobs of determined shoppers had obviously misinformed me of what Canadian Black Friday was going to be. We even made friends with a nice lady who had already been to Mayfair. What was great is that we got to shop at our own leisure without the crowds, but still got to enjoy the deals and the $20 gift card Uptown gave to the first 80 shoppers of the day. Ahh to be a Canadian 🙂
Black Friday seemed to be visible only at the big malls in town with the best deals at the big box stores like Future Shop, The Bay and Walmart who are able to slash prices and advertise like crazy. Victoria seems to be more focused on the small and local, and even more so on the friendly.

Oh well, maybe next year I’ll have the opportunity to get into a fist fight.


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