Go ahead, try it

photo 1

Me demo-ing Earth’s Own Amore Almond & Dairy beverage at Market on Yates last month

As I get closer to my second and final work term before I graduate next year, I find myself becoming more and more anxious. I’m nearing the end of my third year in my program, and panic attack like symptoms over what the heck I’m going to do with my life are becoming common happenings.

I need to relax and let things come as they may, but as a marketing student, I want to have an end goal. A quota. A plan.

Then I thought…In such a dynamic field as marketing, why not try a few things?

I set up BRIJ Marketing last June as part of my contracted work-term with Tofino Water Taxi and Tours and while I learned a lot and had a great experience, I’ve been lost as to where to go since the contract ended. BRIJ Marketing was set up specifically for that
role, so I haven’t really sat down and thought about where I really want to go now.  I’ve been given this great opportunity to have my own business (not everybody gets that!), so I’ve been periodically making plans in between group projects and midterms.

Enter, my aunt. She is a natural products broker and needed some help doing demos one weekend in the city. You know, those people that you either avoid when going into a grocery store because you just want to get your milk and get the #@!$ out of dodge, or the table you bee-line it to because you haven’t had your 3:00 snack and you’re RAVISHED – that’s me 🙂

I’ve done a few for various products in the last couple of months, and even though it doesn’t require a rocket scientist, demo-ing, I learned, is actually an art. There is huge customer interaction, and it requires strong product knowledge which may take either a training session or a few days to really understand.
And there is nothing like the feeling I get when a customer comes over (clearly interested) and says “ew, I hate almond milk, I just cannot!” and she ends up walking out with two cartons because you somehow got her to actually try it. Now THAT is cool.

I’d like to expand on this, in the form of brand representation or something; but in the meantime, I still need to lock-down a co-op for this summer, so I’m trying to be open to all possibilities…and be a little adventurous in the process.

photo 3

With Earth’s Own Amore beverage and a happy customer at Lifestyle Market on Douglas last week



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