It’s all about the ‘tude

It seemed as if everything was working against me today…I’m feeling sick, the weather wasn’t great, and nobody seemed to want to try my product… But miraculously, as if none of that other stuff mattered, I had a great time! The hours flew by and I really enjoyed myself.
I was showcasing Amore Almonds and Dairy today – a product that seems to confuse customers as it is a mixture of almond milk and dairy. It’s actually a great alternative for those looking to jump the dairy ship but aren’t quite ready to dive right into almond milk – it has this awesome consistency that goes great in coffee and cereals, which are areas almond milk tends to lack in.
I received more polite “no’s” and blatant avoidance than I knew what to do with; but, for whatever reason, I remained positive and continued asking “would you like to sample a new product today?” with a hopeful smile plastered across my face. It seemed to work because just as I was getting ready to pack up, I had a slew of people around my table wondering what I had for them (it could have been the lunch rush but I think it was my smile…:)
Because of the confusion about the product I had to do more educating today than I have before and I just love the customers who give you their full attention! Of course, I understand that people are in a rush, but whenever I get a chance to give the whole spiel, it’s a huge ego boost. Even though there were few interested customers today, these ones really counted 🙂 
Customers are relying on me to help them make some grocery purchase decisions in some sense and it’s so exciting when I see the woman with whom I just had great conversation, walk out with my product.

I guess my point here is: if you’re not knowledgeable and excited about your product, how can you expect customers to be? I went into today expecting to be counting the hours until I could go home; but, I found that a few interested and lovely customers later, I was back on my game and ready to sell sell sell. People can help make or break your day, but it’s the ‘tude that you bring with you that really counts.





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