The beauty of adventure


Today was a beautiful day.

My weekend was a bit of a loner weekend, where I spent most of my time in my pajamas and on my computer; but, today my roommate had the brilliant idea of getting OUT of the house and into some fresh air and sunshine.
So we drove. We drove out to Sooke, to Whitty’s Lagoon – somewhere neither of us had ever been before, and it was stunning. 
The sun was peeking through the clouds and the warmth was on our faces. “Let’s get some vitamin D!” my roomie yelled as she shed her jacket and flung herself into the sun. I followed suit.
So we sat. We sat with our eyes closed and breathed in the fresh ocean air and talked about life. It was actually a very intimate afternoon, and I can’t say I would have wanted it any other way. Sometimes we just need to be. We need to be with someone we can be our complete selves around and just take in and enjoy our surroundings. No school, no work, no obligations.

I got to thinking…How great it is to have a friend to inspire you – to get you out of the house and into some adventure (even just a little one).
So cherish those real friends that you do have, and always say yes to an adventure, whatever your adventure may be. Mine happened to be a short drive out to Sooke with my best friend for a little “soul cleansing”.

Today was a beautiful day.



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