Natural Beauty Winner

Sibu Product Line

This past Friday I did a demo at Lifestyle Market for a completely amazing beauty line called Sibu that they carry! The line is made from the seabuckthorn berry (Wikipedia), a wildly nutritious and moisturizing berry (full of Omega 7) that has been used for centuries as a beauty aid, in teas, as a medicine, and the list goes on…I was lucky enough to try most of the products for a week or so before doing the demo so I had a pretty good idea of what everything felt like – amazing, to say the least. Now, I love the idea of natural products as I like to be conscious about what I’m putting on my body as well as what I’m putting into it; but I won’t lie and say that I’m not always a bit skeptical when it comes to whether or not they work the same as those “less natural” products that I can get at a (usually) cheaper price…Do you hear me natural deodorant??? This was surprisingly not the case with Sibu, and I was quite shocked to say that I liked everything I tried (truly). I used the Nourishing Face Cream, Age Defying Eye Cream and the Night Cream everyday and I must say, they felt luxurious and moisturizing, and had a lovely citrus scent…not at all your typical “natural” product. I also tried their Liquid Supplement which tasted like a delicious, sweet and tart mixture of orange, mango-ey apple goodness which is full of vitamins, minerals and Omega 7 to keep hair, skin and nails strong and healthy. I love this “beauty from the inside out” thing. To add to the amazing-ness of this product, it is 100% vegan, animal-cruelty free, fair trade, sustainable, and the packaging is beautiful to boot. So as for natural and “good for you” beauty regimes, I’m sticking with Sibu for now. I encourage you to visit their website and look at their huge line of great products. Very cool. The product was also very well-received by my booth visitors that day – the sun was shining and everyone was in a good mood, which made the whole day fun and exciting. I’ll be in Vancouver this coming weekend for The Wellness Show at the Vancouver Convention Center, so look out for my posts about my weekend there! So many great exhibitors to see.

Sampling the Liquid Supplement - this chef and customer already uses the berry in his cooking and loves the taste.

Sampling the Liquid Supplement – this chef and customer already uses the berry in his cooking and loves the taste.


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