CHFA West Trade Show


Looking up at the city from the water in Coal Harbour


View from Mandalay restaurant in Steveston, BC

I’ve been meaning to write about my first trade show experience for the past couple of days, but last minute packing of my room that looks like a tornado went through it has kept me busier than expected…

So anyway, this past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the CHFA West trade show at the Vancouver Conference Center. I manned the OneCoffee booth and had the most unreal time!
CHFA West is a huge conference/trade show in Western Canada that serves the natural and organic food/product industry. There were retailers, manufacturers, distributers and brokers – this being my first trade show, I was astounded at how many exhibitors were there! I walked in and thought “Wow, I’m part of something pretty big here”. The booths (which were more like sets for some of the exhibitors) were huge and so professionally put together that I couldn’t believe it. Hundreds of exhibitors showcased everything from packaging to veggie burgers to me in my little coffee stand. Even Bob from Bob’s Red Mill was there and ready for photo ops! I tried to get over there but wasn’t able to catch him…Oh well, I did meet some great people and even ran into an old co-worker who is now a rep for Manitoba Harvest, an amazing company that produces all kinds of great products from Hemp.
Even though the whole weekend was exhausting, it was seriously a great experience and I can’t wait for my next one! I got to try so many goodies and was even able to scrounge a few samples…

I have to thank my Aunt for getting me involved in this side of the industry – I feel pretty lucky. Here are a few of my iPhone photos that I was able to snap over the weekend.



My OneCoffee booth. A delicious single serving coffee that is 92.5% biodegradable, fair trade and Organic!


My booth neighbor Jon from Vita Coco – the only Coconut water that I’ve ever really enjoyed


Esther from Marukan Rice Vinegar – she was showcasing it as a dressing for raw veggies and it was so good!


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