How to stuff your life into an Aveo

This past week has been a whirlwind! In the past 5 days I have shuttled my roommate away to the Haida Gwaii, said good-bye to our home for the summer (after some serious closet purging), lost my boyfriend (temporarily) to a job in Winnipeg and somehow stuffed my entire life into my tiny little Aveo to get ready for the James Sister Roadie of 2014 – Calgary bound!! I’m heading to cow-town mostly in hopes of a great summer opportunity for my final co-op but also to squeeze in some Father-Daughter time while I can still uproot my life at a moment’s notice. In addition to a more “corporate” and official marketing gig, I’ll be looking for any opportunity to expand and grow with BRIJ Marketing. I’m expecting Calgary to be a bit of a different market than Victoria, though I won’t jump to any quick assumptions just yet…I’m just so looking forward to a new experience; so, I’ll be looking into demo rep opportunities as well as anything else that might cross my path. The trick for me is to just take things as they come. I have a had a wee bit of anxiety over the fact that I don’t have a job to head into quite yet, but I’ve learned that I just have to relax and if I’ve prepared myself and put myself out there, things will likely work out. Until then, I’m prepping myself for an interview that I have on Thursday and keeping positive 🙂 Because really, POSITIVITY is where it’s at…


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