5 Rules to a Great Roadtrip

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Well, I’m here. I’m now an honorary Albertan for the summer (self-appointed of course) and I have a brand new life to look forward to for the next couple of months. Now, before I go ahead and divulge what I’ve been up to I need to relive the completely unforgettable road trip with my sister that got me here.
I’ve always loved the idea of a road trip, long or short, and my big sis and I have been talking about driving down the Oregon coast for like, ever. We settled on Vancouver to Calgary and it was unforgettable. Through the two day drive (we took our time) 5 things/rules stick out in my mind that made it absolutely hilarious/annoying/stupid and just plain fun. I’m sharing my rules with you below and would love to hear your Road Trip Musts!!

1. A completely random playlist.
We quickly found out about 10 minutes into our drive that planning a playlist – scratch that – having music altogether is completely essential. I for one am not well-known for making great playlists or even having any music on my phone for that matter, so naturally, I was relying solely on Britt for that element…She wasn’t particularly proud of her playlists either (must run in the family) so we had to improvise. I remembered I had an old CD case under my seat somewhere with some seriously dated tunes (Backstreet Boys and Savage Garden being amongst the beauties) that I thought we could have some fun singing along to, at the very least. The only problem was that since I was bringing all my belongings with me on that trip (In a tiny Aveo, remember?) including a bicycle and totes galore, I felt around and found the case only to discover that there was no way I was getting it out from under the seat without taking everything out and rearranging…We spent the rest of the trip playing “surprise CD” and pulling out whatever random disc we could find. Let’s just say there was a mix in there called “Gangsta Shit”.
Even though we had terrible music to listen to, the sheer amount of memory lane and uncontrollable laughter that ensued was totally worth it and I definitely would not have had it any other way. I’m laughing right now thinking about the disgust on Britt’s face at what is my CD collection. ha

2. Absolutely no sense of direction or geography.
Let me start by saying that we really wanted to take this trip as it came. It’s important to not have too much of an itinerary or deadline when it comes to a great road-trip, other-wise, what’s the point? Britt and I had discussed that we would stop in Kamloops and find a place to stay, grab some food, maybe hit up a winery if we could…Because of our lack of planning, we didn’t quite realize how far from halfway Kamloops really is between Vancouver and Calgary. We thought we’d stay the night and have about the same drive the next day. Nope. We quickly realized our mistake once we had checked into the hotel and told our men about the awesome start to our roadtrip, to which each of them replied separately “Why would you stop in Kamloops, it’s a good 6-7 hours to Calgary from there…”. OOPSIES. So then we decided our only option was to wander around the area we were in, have a nice dinner and some cocktails. Cocktails fix everything.

3. Snacks of all kinds.
Because we had such a long drive the next day that we were not expecting…We thought it would be a good idea to take some snacks with us to picnic on the side of the road instead of having to stop and wait at a restaurant. So we headed over to the local Wal-Mart and found the healthiest snacks we could…Triscuits, some sad excuse for red pepper hummus, a bag of celery and a bag of carrots was to feed us for the next 7 hours of driving. Oh, we got some almonds and some Babybel cheese too! It was great, instead of stopping for food, the passenger was in charge of hand-feeding the driver at their request, while also CD digging. It was great. Road trip snacks are a must! But feel free to do better than a bag of celery.

4. Jumper Cables.
In my 25 years I’ve come to know that I need to be prepared – my man recognizes this in me and sent me on the trip with an emergency roadside kit (I know right?!). Leaving my lights on has become a bit of a trademark of mine and because of that, little Ava’s battery is on the weaker side…Sorry Ava…Anyway, when we got into Kamloops and drove all over the place to find the Tourist Info Center (only to end up where we came from), we stopped and asked about hotels, things to do etc…which they were very helpful with! Inevitably we left the lights on and in the 8 minutes that we were in there, the battery died. Anyway, the staff at the Kamloops Tourist Info Center were so amazing, and thanks to my sparkly new jumper cables from my emergency roadside kit, we got her going again. This mishap just added to the giggles, but it also goes to show that you should be prepared for anything on a road trip – I think an emergency road side kit is the best going away present I could have asked for . We should all have one in our vehicles whether we’re road tripping or not; there are bandages, a flashlight, a blanket…it’s just good preparedness.

5. Great company.
This quasi road trip wouldn’t have been anything had it not been for the great company that I had. It’s important to go with someone you can share the driving with, someone you can laugh with about the little things, and someone who doesn’t mind if you fall asleep in the passenger seat…It also doesn’t hurt to go with someone who is collecting Starbucks points – it might mean a free coffee for you 😉 In all seriousness though, having my sister with me made the trip something special. I cherish the moments we get to spend together, especially as adults, and this road trip, though it was small and we didn’t quite get to do everything we planned, that was the beauty of it. The fun came not from seeing a bunch of things, but spending time with each other in a unique way.

I think travelling is essential to life, and those small getaways are what take us away from the everyday and set us back on track. Road trips are great opportunities to get to know someone just a little bit more too – turn the music down and talk; or turn the music way up and sing “Tilt Ya Head Back” at the top of your lungs 4 times in a row. It doesn’t matter, just recognize these little opportunities and always, always take them!

I’d love to hear your travel and road trip rules and musts! Share with me below 🙂


2 thoughts on “5 Rules to a Great Roadtrip

  1. I LOVE the drive to Vancouver, I think it’s one of the prettiest drives you could possibly do!
    One thing that always amuses me is stopping at all the weird road side attractions on the way there.

    Also a camera is a must, I find that I’m always documenting something hilarious at what seems to be the most inopportune moment.

    And last but not least, patience. Because it’s about the journey, not the destination…right?


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