Work and Travel

Travel has been a love of mine since I can remember.

Travelling as part of a job? Now that is my dream.

Part of the reason that I got into marketing in the first place was the mobility of the industry. I couldn’t imagine a better job than one that (A) I enjoy and that excites me everyday and (B) allows me the opportunity to meet new people and discover places I’ve never been before.

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel for work. My second week on the job I was sent home to Campbell River and Courtenay which was a huge score – I spent some quality time with my sister that I didn’t have before I shipped out for work. Most recently though, I visited Yellowknife, and something about this place moved me. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it ever since I got back a couple of weeks ago, but my thoughts keep bringing me back to this gorgeous city. First of all, I was completely surprised at the outright beauty of the landscape and the rustic skyline – the 24 hour summer sunlight was an interesting but welcome adjustment. I can’t wait to go back, and I’d even be happy to go winter…

I’ve traveled to lots of different countries, all of which were amazing experiences, but sometimes it’s the unexpected places close to home that have the biggest impact – and if you can score a job that lets you travel to places like these, you’re Golden.Image




2 thoughts on “Work and Travel

  1. Just received your new post in my inbox. Great read! You’ve put a nice, honest light on a marketing career. Many times you are working around the clock promoting and thinking of the next big idea for whoever it is you’re working for. Nice to hear you take time to enjoy the journey and the simpler things that happen during the journey and outside of the hectic schedule. I’m a fan – keep writing! Looking forward to your next post.

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