So I’m gearing up for back to school, my very last back to school – Hooray! I’m a grown up now (sort of) and I thought back-to-school was supposed to carry a different meaning for me these days, but I seem to still carry the same giddy happiness that it brought me when I was 5…I’ve been finding myself popping into stores, stocking up on planners, post-its and even a few wardrobe additions and saying to myself (and sometimes out loud) “well it’s back to schooool” as if I obviously need all of this new stuff – ha, justification is endless.

It got me thinking..

Just what are the key grown up back to school essentials?

1. A stylish and practical Planner/Agenda

My fave Kate Spade gold dot planner came from Chapters. I like it because it has the full month laid out and then is organized by week in the following pages. This helps me stay on top of brand and demo events I’ll be working on weekends, as well as all my school work. I can just glance at the month to see what I have coming up. What’s more, it’s so cute I want to bring it everywhere with me and show it off, guaranteeing that I will actually put it to good use.

2014-2015 Kate Spade Large Planner Gold Dots

2. Post-its, Highlighters, Paper Clips

Agendas, planning and organizing your life doesn’t have to be drab – I like to make things as visually appealing as possible and colourful post-it notes and highlighters are not only eye-catching, they allow me to colour coordinate my meetings, projects and engagements so I can stay on top of everything I have going on. I bought these jumbo paper clips from Target and have been using them like book marks to save my pages with a little pizzazz  that’s easy to see.

3. A new outfit – us adults deserve a new one too right?

This one speaks for itself. What is back-to-school without an awesome new outfit to rock on the first day of school?! Target has been good to me these last couple of weeks and I found some unreal deals. I picked up a pair of army green jeans that fit great (to my amazement) which are likely to be a fall staple for me….along with my leather jacket and a pair of Madeline point toed loafers I picked up from Winners today! (below are similar images to my personal items, click photos to shop)




So there you have it – Us adults can have just as much fun with the back to school excitement and swag as the little ones! I’d love to hear some of your back to school essentials, or your September essentials 🙂

Thanks for hanging out while I BRIJ the gap between my school-aged needs and my adult wants, that was fun.



Back to School, Back to Basics

3 thoughts on “Back to School, Back to Basics

  1. I like your take on this…I find myself nodding as I read. I think it just proves we’re still that little girl (and hopefully always will be) and while the needs may change, the excitement remains! I’m like you…I like to be organized, elevate my basics a little and look and feel the part! Thanks for the great read…

  2. I know I’m missing the back-to-school hype – no girls going back and no me going back! However, staying organized is very important and…hey, a new outfit always helps!

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