Best Day Ever.

Best Day Ever

Birthdays are the best.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There’s nothing like celebrating the sheer fact that you or your loved one is simply alive, and I can’t even tell you how lucky I feel after my recent #birthdayweekend. Yes, I used this hashtag. All weekend.

In between morning mimosas, surprise dinners, sunshine and outdoor adventures, I was surrounded by people that I genuinely love who made me feel celebrated not only on my birthday, but in the days leading up to and after.

I’ve always been a birthday lover. Not just for the obvious b-day swag (though presents were the ultimate excitement when I was younger), but I really just love the idea of celebrating those you care about – in any way that means something to you – and birthdays seem to be a pretty good excuse.

At a meagre 26 years old, presents are no longer what make my birthday celebrations epic, it’s the people and the time I get to spend with them. So next time you’re shopping for a birthday present for your bestie, ask yourself how they might like to be celebrated…

Maybe it’s a night in with a bottle of wine and a movie, maybe it’s just a thoughtful phone call, and maybe it is something shiny and beautiful and insanely expensive (like an iPad Air….yeah…I was that lucky…); but whatever you choose, remember: a birthday is for celebrating that person, not just gifts

Only 364 days to go…

Birthdays are the best.


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