The Better Butter

A weekend well-spent, brings a week of content”

…Or something like that. I can’t believe it, but I had the most amazing weekend – Again!
First, my friends Veronique and Samuel flew in from Montreal on Friday. I haven’t seen these two since I was studying in Warsaw, almost 3 years ago! I was almost nervous to see them it had been so long, but we just had the most amazing weekend reconnecting over prosecco, hiking and ice cream. This only reinforces for me the importance of beautiful, positive, and adorable people in life xox

I also demonstrated MELT Organic, the delicious and versatile buttery spread that’s also completely natural and organic! I feel like I hit the jackpot with this one because I was able to introduce so many people to it. They have 3 completely amazing flavours that you can really use any way you like – honey, chocolate and rich and creamy (original).

Because it is made from coconut oil, it has this beautiful and soft velvety texture that is easily spreadable and so easy to cook and bake with! I can’t wait to substitute the chocolate flavour for butter in my next chocolate cake (whenever that may be…) and this morning, I slathered the original on my toast, followed by my usual helping of PB – and I literally can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow because it was so yummy!! Such a nice, light addition to my usual routine. And the bonus is that I’m complying with my quest to add more organic food and products into my life. This was an easy transition, and I encourage you all to check it out – the website,, has tons of information along with some really great ways to use this product that I would never have thought of before – healthy ganache anyone?!

MELT is available at various retailers in Victoria including Lifestyles Market, Western Foods (Sooke and Langford), Market on Yates and Market on Millstream. I’ll be sampling it again in October, so watch for me!

Until then,

BRIJ the gap.

09.20.14 Lifestyles (4)

Informing a new recruit, Kelly on the MELT benefits


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